Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The XXVII FIDE Congress to be held in Budapest, Hungary in 2016 is an important event considering both the number of invited participants who will hopefully attend the conference from all over Europe and the broad diversity of topics that will be discussed over only a few days.

I am firmly convinced that the main topics that have been chosen through careful consideration, namely topic no. 1, entitled “European Banking Union”, topic no. 2, entitled “Private enforcement and collective redress in European competition law” and topic no. 3, entitled “Division of competences and regulatory powers between the European Union and the Member States”, will be of great interest and relevance for a wide range of legal practitioners, as well as for judges, prosecutors, notaries, public servants, the members of various EU institutions and organisations and the representatives of the academia.

During the conference the participants will have an excellent opportunity to engage in a comprehensive and in‑depth debate over the above topics, enabling them to approach the arising issues from the unique perspectives of the invited stakeholders.

The representatives of the various generations, including young researchers, are strongly encouraged to present and share their views and valuable expertise, thus contributing to the success of this event that will take place in the lively capital city of Hungary, an ideal location for both business and pleasure.

I am looking forward to welcoming you at the XXVII FIDE Congress in Budapest.

Dr. Péter DARÁK

FIDE President for the period 2015‑2016

President of the Curia of Hungary

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