Allan Rosas

Allan Rosas, Dr. Jur., Dr.Jur. h.c., Dr.Pol.Sc.  h.c., judge at the European Court of Justice since 2002. Senior Fellow of the University of Turku; Visiting Professor, College of Europe and University of Helsinki; Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Baltic Area Legal Studies network BALEX (University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University); Member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Former Professor of Public Law of the University of Turku (1978-1981) and Armfelt Professor of Law of the Åbo Akademi University (1981-1995); Principal Legal Adviser at the Legal Service of the European Commission (1995-2001) and Deputy Director-General of the said Legal Service (2001-2002). More than 400 publications in the fields of EU law, international law, constitutional law and administrative law.