Visit the Opera House

The Opera House itself is a landmark of the city as well as the centre not only for opera performances but for musical and ballet life ever since. The first director was Ferenc Erkel, but Gustav Mahler worked here as an intendant and Puccini even staged the premiere of his two operas in the State Opera House. 

Gastro Tour

It's not all about goulash! “Mouth-watering, spicy dishes, rich stews and sauces, hearty soups, yummy desserts” That's Hungarian cuisine in short! During this program the participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with some Hungarian Specialities not only foods but drinks as well. 

Church Tour

During the centuries many religions were presented in Budapest. Discover the churches of different religions, and become acquainted with the beautiful buildings, through the stories and historical tales. The tour includes visit among others in Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish and Evangelic churches. 

On Sissi’s step

In Gödöllő the 250-year-old Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in the country and is a significant work of Hungarian Baroque architecture. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy's ruling couple, Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Queen Elizabeth (known as Sissi) frequently stayed here. Get to know the family of Sissi, and the history of Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy!

Early morning bath

In the City Park of Budapest you can find one of Europe’s largest spa establishments, the Széchenyi baths. In addition to the usual indoor thermal pools, they also boast outdoor thermal and swimming pools,  offers drinking cures, all sorts of massages and a lot more besides. Why not start the day with a traditional spa experience?